TWT in Baltimore

Currently, Two Wheel Tuesday is most active in Baltimore, Maryland – but there are also folks participating in cities across the globe! People from many different countries are able to connect through social media and share about their own bike commutes.

In Baltimore, volunteers come together on Tuesdays to well-travelled bike-commuting areas. At these ‘checkpoints’, volunteers take bike counts during the morning rush, talk with fellow bike commuters, and share encouragement.

The bike counts from the checkpoints are submitted to the city Department of Transportation so that they can help guide further investment in bike infrastructure. We also partner with local makers in order to provide give-aways like snacks, bike gear, or complimentary drinks at upcoming events to commuters.

Through these weekly checkpoints, Two Wheel Tuesday also serves to activate public spaces around the City and help return a sense of place and community to the streets – a space that was been ceded to cars over the years.

For information on the next Two Wheel Tuesday checkpoint check out our Instagram account (@2wheeltuesday) or our Facebook page! If you are interested in participating in Two Wheel Tuesday in your own town, shoot us an email and we can share all we’ve learned from our own experiences and any contacts we may have. Happy Two Wheeling!!